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Cruising through Entertainment: The Best Car-Related Shows to Stream Now

For car enthusiasts who can't get enough of roaring engines, sleek designs, and the thrill of the open road, streaming platforms offer a treasure trove of engaging car-related shows. Whether you're into classic car restoration, high-stakes races, or in-depth explorations of automotive history, there's a show catering to every aspect of the automotive world. Here's a curated list of the best car-related shows currently available for streaming, promising an immersive and entertaining experience for all petrolheads.

1. "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" (2012-2019)

Streaming on: Netflix

Created by and starring Jerry Seinfeld, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" is a unique blend of comedy and car culture. Each episode features Seinfeld picking up a fellow comedian in a vintage or exotic car and heading to a coffee shop for a casual conversation. The charm lies in the eclectic mix of cars and the humorous banter between Seinfeld and his guests.

2. "The Grand Tour" (2016-2019)

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Following their departure from "Top Gear," Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May reunited for "The Grand Tour." This Amazon Prime series takes the trio around the globe, exploring the world's most exotic cars, engaging in entertaining challenges, and injecting their trademark humor into the world of automotive journalism.

3. "Fastest Car" (2018-2019)

Streaming on: Netflix

"Fastest Car" offers an intriguing premise: pitting sleeper cars modified by ordinary people against high-end supercars. The series explores the backstory of each car and its owner, culminating in a head-to-head drag race. It's a captivating blend of underdog stories and high-speed action that appeals to both casual viewers and hardcore gearheads.

4. "Hyperdrive" (2019)

Streaming on: Netflix

For fans of high-stakes racing and obstacle courses, "Hyperdrive" delivers adrenaline in spades. This competition series features elite street racers from around the world navigating an intricate and challenging course filled with obstacles. It's a visually stunning spectacle that showcases both driving skill and the capabilities of the modified cars.

5. "Car Masters: Rust to Riches" (2018-2020)

Streaming on: Netflix

"Car Masters: Rust to Riches" combines the artistry of classic car restoration with a touch of reality TV drama. The series follows the crew at Gotham Garage as they transform neglected and rusted-out cars into stunning custom creations. Each episode is a mix of automotive craftsmanship, creative design, and the challenges that come with restoring iconic classics.

Bonus Mention: "Jay Leno's Garage" (2015-present)

Streaming on: CNBC and Peacock

Jay Leno, the renowned car enthusiast and former late-night host, opens the doors to his garage in this series. "Jay Leno's Garage" features a wide range of vehicles, from classic cars to cutting-edge supercars, along with interviews with celebrities and industry experts. Leno's genuine passion for automobiles shines through in each episode.

Conclusion: A Revved-Up Streaming Experience

Whether you're seeking the humor of a coffee-fueled chat in a classic car, the thrill of high-speed races, or the satisfaction of witnessing classic cars being brought back to life, these car-related shows available for streaming have something for everyone. As you dive into the world of automotive entertainment, get ready to be captivated by the stories behind the cars and the personalities who share a deep love for all things automotive. Buckle up, hit play, and embark on a revved-up streaming experience that celebrates the passion and culture of the automotive world.